Food from Minas Gerais: the favorite dishes of those who order on iFood

In 2022, more than 220,000 orders were placed on the app — from cheese bread to mineirão

What is your favorite Minas Gerais food? On iFood, which is so Brazilian As for Minas seasoning, tropeiro beans, cheese bread and chicken with okra are among the favorites on this list — especially for lunch during the week.

Other classics of Minas Gerais cuisine are also present on the app, such as mexido mineiro (that good mix of rice, beans and pepperoni dipped in cassava flour) and mineirão, which is chicken sautéed with onion, tomato, peas and corn and then baked in the oven with cheese.

These are some of the delicacies that whet the appetite of those who use iFood: in 2022 alone, the application received 220 thousand requests for food from Minas Gerais. Want to know more? Check out the table below.

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