Thai food invades Brazilian homes

One thing cannot be denied: the plurality present in the flavors, seasonings and spices of Thai cuisine. Discover now 5 dishes to dive into this universe of flavors and curiosities about each one.

When it comes to food, Brazilians are people who embrace all cultures and flavors. Mexican, japanese, indian, and now, the Thai one. Only in iFood, an increase of 31% in the number of Thai food restaurants on the app has already been recorded; which represents the favoritism of food in the Brazilian palate. Also according to FoodTech research, the day of the week with the most orders is Friday.

One thing cannot be denied: the plurality present in the seasonings and spices of Thai cuisine. Salty, sweet, spicy and acidic flavors come together in colorful dishes or with earthy tones. Furthermore, the sauces steal the show in many of them, with preparations made from peppers, coconut milk, garlic and even crab paste.

Spicy ingredients

Chili (or chilli) is featured in Thai dishes, as a main ingredient or in side dishes. From the pepper family, this species of pepper is very versatile, prepared as pastes, natural or dried.

Curry and more curry

Talking about Thai food is talking about curry, a powdered seasoning that mixes several spices, such as saffron, cardamom, coriander and ginger. The colors are also diverse, depending on the ingredients used as a base.

5 dishes to travel through the flavors of Thailand:

1 – Pad Thai

A super traditional dish, in Thailand it can be easily found in large restaurants or food stalls on the streets. The base is usually made up of ingredients such as meat, tofu, shrimp and vegetables (and of course, not forgetting the hot sauce).

2 – Satay

Remember the Brazilian skewer? In Thai cuisine, the preparation includes elements such as pork with turmeric, coconut milk and unusual sauces, such as peanut sauce.

3 – Tom Yum Kung

Have you ever wondered what a spicy shrimp soup with coconut milk would be like? This pretty much sums up the third item on this list. The dish also includes chicken, mushrooms, lime, soy, garlic and lots of spices.

4 – Curry Massaman

For those who love curry: it is one of the most popular in Thailand, with lamb, chicken, duck, pork or vegan. It is usually served with white rice, cucumber and onion salad.

5 – Mango Stiky Rice

After thinking about so many hot dishes, how about dessert? Mango Stiky Rice features very ripe and sweet mango pieces and sweet rice prepared with coconut milk.

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