Corn Day: the dishes that are successful on iFood 

Orders for food with corn on the app are concentrated during the June festival season; discover the favorites in each region of the country

Today (April 24th) we celebrate Corn Day, a grain so versatile that you can even parody an old saying and say that it has a million and one uses in the kitchen. 

A look at the most requested corn foods on iFood gives you an idea of how much the ingredient “plays up to 11”, as they say in football jargon, when preparing a recipe.

He goes well both as a supporting character and as the main star of the dish. There's corn cake, corn bread, cornbread, corn esfiha – in fact, this is the big winner in deliveries.

Creamed corn is also a hit, alone or accompanied – with chicken fillets, in this case. For dessert, the menu offers green corn ice cream.

And what can we say about a true classic of national cuisine, the fool? Speaking of tradition, she is one of the Favorite June festivities treats, which are among the most famous Brazilian celebrations.

By the way, corn is king in this festival. Proof of this is that most of the iFood orders that contain corn were made, in 2022, in the months of June and July.

The favorites in each region

The regional diversity of habits and customs that enriches the profile of the Brazilian people is also reflected in food consumption.

iFood order data containing corn for 2022 shows differences by region in the way the grain is appreciated.

In the Midwest, for example, the most ordered corn meal is tamale – which, in this part of the country, is prepared with cheese, pork sausage and green scent. Another local “hit” is the broth or corn soup with chicken.

The North's list is differentiated by the presence of chicken stroganoff with corn and corn porridge. In the South, the grain is combined with bacon to enhance pizzas, sandwiches and esfihas.

Corn is really versatile. So, nothing more natural than its fertility in revenues being fed by its greatness in harvests.

The estimate is of a record harvest of corn in Brazil in 2023, reaching the level of 120 million tons – an increase of 8.8% compared to 2022, according to IBGE.

Corn straw packaging at iFood

To complete the breadth of possibilities for corn cultivation in the country, it is also worth remembering that corn straw has been used to make sustainable packaging for delivery.

iFood is putting these packaging, which are biodegradable, into circulation in partnership with the manufacturer growPack.

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