From juice to raft: how Brazilians order açaí for delivery

Açaí is already in fifth place among the most ordered categories on iFood — discover here how Brazilians prefer to consume açaí with delivery.

Despite being a savory food in the North, in the rest of the country the preference is for the (very) sweet version.

Did you know that the açaí restaurant category came in fifth place in the ranking of the most ordered foods on iFood last year? In the last 12 months, more than 36 million orders were delivered across the country, in individual portions or even in boats and rafts — that powerful portion with fruits and other accompaniments.

If in the North region it is traditional to eat salty açaí, in the rest of the country the preference of the delivery public is for the sweet version, with accompaniments ranging from banana and powdered milk to hazelnut cream (can you imagine?).

Want to know more about this iFood favorite? Here we reveal more interesting facts about açaí in our delivery!

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