Is it a combo or friendship? The seven most requested pairs on iFood

Everyone has that partnership as old as a hamburger and fries — or unlikely friends like sweet and savory pizza

Great friendships come in many different ways. There are friends who have been with us forever, others who appear throughout our lives and even that person who makes us stop and think: “but how do I relate to someone so different from me?”.

School-time friendships are like that, like hamburger with French fries, a combination that emerged in the 1950s, at the beginning of fast food, and which to this day is one of the favorites of those who place an order on iFood (discover some others in the table at the end of this article). 

Years and years passed, new companions (and friends) emerged, but nothing shook this relationship. It's the 2020s and it's difficult to find a burger without its French fries. Is it like that between you and long-time friendships?

If two is good, three is not always too much. There's also the friend who introduces another friend and that's it: a trio is formed as harmonious as the sandwich, fries and soda combo. They work as a pair, but when the three of them come together it gets even better.

The sweet and savory tram

What about unlikely friendships? When, for example, does a traditional, conservative person become someone who loves to experiment and combine new things? At first glance, it seems unthinkable that people with such different desires could be so close, but something unites them. Equal to Pizza savory and sweet pizza, which many people order together on iFood. How can a savory dish have a dessert version that goes so well together?

And there are the friendships that arise when everyone enjoys the same thing. Example: friends from football, from the wine club, from the reading group, from first-time fathers and mothers, from trips, from bike trails, from beach tennis. These are like the juice and salad combo, a favorite combination for those looking for a lighter diet on a daily basis.

Harmonious or unusual, there are countless combinations of friendship or food — find out below the favorite combos of those who order on iFood.

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