In 2022 iFood has already sold more than 45 million hamburgers

Brazil's favorite snack is the most requested in all cities, regions and capitals of the country

Million Burger Day. In the first quarter of 2022, iFood has already sold more than 45 million hamburgers. It is by far the most requested item on the app, in all cities, regions and capitals in Brazil.

It's as if in the first three months of the year iFood had sold, on average, 6 hamburgers per second. Well, while you're there thinking about what to order, a lot of people have already gone to iFood and are just waiting for the delivery guy to arrive.

What does this amount of burgers delivered throughout Brazil mean? iFood News thought of some comparisons:

45 million hamburgers are equivalent to

Serving an entire season of games at a packed Maracanã for 8 years

A packed Maracanã holds 78,838 people. With 45 million hamburgers, it is as if the snack was served to 570 packed Maracanãs. Since the stadium can host 70 football matches per year, this means that it could feed everyone who goes to the temple of football for 8 years and a little bit with that much burger sold in the first quarter of 2022.

Serving the public of the next 64 editions of Rock in Rio

This year, iFood will be the official delivery of Rock in Rio and will help feed the hunger and passion of fans of music for 7 days. Have you ever thought about how many Rock in Rio would be served with the 45 million hamburgers already delivered in 2022? If the last edition of the festival registered an audience of 700 thousand people, then we would have enough snacks for 64 editions!

A night of burgers for the entire state of São Paulo

São Paulo, the most populous state in the country, could have one of those burger nights — that is, of course, if it were possible to produce that amount of snacks in a single day. As the state's population is 41.2 million people, it would allow 3.8 million to repeat the dose (I want it!).

6 burgers ordered per second equals

20.8 thousand burger orders while you watch your favorite series

Who out there likes series? And watch an episode of your favorite series while eating a burger, a soda and fries? If the episode lasts one hour, know that in that time 20,800 burger orders would be made on iFood. 

55 burgers sold during Usain Bolt's 100m record time 

Usain Bolt, three-time Olympic champion in the 100m dash, is also the record holder for this distance with an incredible 9.58, a time set at the World Athletics Championships in 2009. But what he didn't expect is that burger fans are just as fast. At the same time, almost 55 sandwiches would be sold on iFood.

3 thousand hamburgers sold between the sunlight leaving there and reaching Earth

Sunlight takes, on average, 8 minutes and 20 seconds to leave the star and reach Earth. It's fast (travels at 300,000 km/second) but it's no match for anyone who's a burger fan and has a cell phone in their hand with the iFood app. At the same time, 3,000 snack orders would be placed on the app in the first quarter of 2022.

Who else does it?

72% of the restaurants that sold the most burgers on iFood are small and medium-sized

Source: iFood

*values calculated based on the “Hamburger” category on the platform

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