iFood lists the 10 most popular vegetarian dishes

Vegetarian lunchbox is the category champion among consumers, according to a 2022 quarterly survey.

The consumption of vegetarian food has fallen in favor among Brazilians. In the last year alone, vegetarian restaurants registered on the iFood app registered 40% more orders.
According to a survey from the first quarter of this year, Brazilians' favorite orders are vegetarian lunchboxes, meatballs and hot dogs.

Check out the ranking of the 10 most popular dishes, published by the iFood News portal:

  1. Vegetarian Lunch Box
  2. Vegetarian Meatballs
  3. Vegetarian hot dog
  4. Spring roll
  5. Vegetarian Hot Rolls
  6. Vegetarian Coxinha
  7. Vegetarian lasagna
  8. Vegetarian feijoada
  9. Vegetarian Esfiha
  10. Vegetarian Bauru

The number of vegetarian restaurants has also grown on the platform. Last year, growth was 10%, which represents around 27 thousand establishments present on iFood.

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