What are the most requested vegetarians on iFood?

Find out which dishes are most requested by customers and which states require the most meat-free meals

This Sunday (October 1st), the whole world celebrates the World Vegetarian Day. This date was created in 1977 by the North American Vegetarian Society to raise awareness about the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle.

This awareness, in fact, lasts throughout the month, and only ends on November 1st, which is World Vegan Day. Therefore, October is considered Vegetarian Awareness Month.

For those who are now interested in vegetarianism, the idea is to take advantage of the month to try meat-free dishes (even for a day) and find out about this type of diet.

On iFood, more than 780 thousand vegetarian dishes have already been ordered in 2023 (between January and August) — an increase of 29.7% between August 2022 and the same month of 2023.

Want to know which ones are your favorites? Check it out below!

Top 5 of 2023*

*Until August

And what about vegans?

The top 5 of 2023 has:

was the increase in the number of orders between August 2022 and the same month of 2023
780 thousand
vegetarian dishes were
in-app orders in 2023

States that ask for the most (2023)

  • São Paulo
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Paraná
  • Minas Gerais
  • Rio Grande do Sul
  • Ceará
  • Pernambuco

The most requested in 2022

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