Which ice cream flavor is the most requested on iFood?

Before reading, order your refreshment through the app: after all, these curiosities can generate lively discussions.

Living in a tropical country is, without a doubt, beautiful — and it’s even more incredible with a good ice cream to cool you down in the heat. At least that's what the data shows: in 2022 alone, iFood has already registered more than 6.3 million ice cream orders. And, in 2021, the number reached almost 10 million.

Among the states with the most orders this year are São Paulo, in the lead, Minas Gerais in second place and Rio de Janeiro completing the podium, in third. Paraná occupies fourth place — proving that even those who live in the South, where it is colder, cannot resist a good (and cold) ice cream. And the Northeast is not left out: Ceará occupies fifth place on the list.

The city that ordered the most ice cream in 2022 was São Paulo: after all, there's nothing like a little ice cream to brighten up cloudy days in the land of drizzle. Rio de Janeiro (2nd), Belo Horizonte (3rd), Fortaleza (4th) and Brasília (5th) complete the top 5.

Can you have ice cream for dinner?

For iFood users, ice cream is dinner, yes! In fact, the time with the most ice cream orders in 2022 is during weekend dinner — and the same time from Monday to Friday occupies second place on the podium. 

The favorites on iFood

There is so much variety in the types of ice cream that it is difficult to choose a favorite. But, on iFood, the podium is clear: the most requested item was the good and classic popsicle. Next comes the sundae and, in third place, was the milkshake. Fourth place is occupied by orders with different flavors to assemble, and in fifth place is the famous ice cream in a jar — tip: if you order through iFood, the chances of opening the package and finding frozen beans are 0%.

Now, some controversial information: the most requested ice cream flavor is… chocolate! This also includes variations such as brownie, white chocolate, chocolate pieces and so on. Next come fruit flavors and in third place come cream and vanilla ice creams. Pistachio is the fourth most requested flavor and, in fifth place, the classic of this generation: powdered milk with hazelnut cream.

Want to know more about the relationship between iFood and ice cream? Check out the infographic below:

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