Top 5: what are the most ordered pizzas on iFood?

In 2022, five pizzas were ordered on the app every second — find out what the favorite flavors and times are

Weekend night, at home, with family or friends, at some point the inevitable question arises: “Shall we order a pizza?” And then: “What flavor?” After some negotiation, the winners emerge: pepperoni, chicken with creamy cheese, mozzarella, margherita or Portuguese. Is it like that in your house too?

On iFood, these were the most ordered pizzas in the first six months of 2022. During this period alone, the app registered 41.1 million requests of the dish that the Chinese invented, the Italians perfected and the Brazilians varied with creative combinations of ingredients —an increase of 5% compared to the same period in 2021.

Here, even the edge of the pizza becomes more interesting when stuffed. On iFood, the most successful ones are cheddar, creamy cheese, chocolate and guava.

If there are no limits to defining what goes on the pizza —and on the edge—, there are also no limits to the desire to eat it. Every second, 5 pizzas, on average, are ordered on the delivery from iFood.

The time with the most orders is dinner, both on the weekend and during the week, but there are also those who prefer it at lunch or in the early hours of the morning — find out, below, what the preferences of those who order pizza on iFood are.

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