Fabricio Bloisi wins Value Innovative Leadership award

The president of iFood, Fabricio Bloisi, won the Innovative Leadership category of the Valor Inovação Brasil 2021 Award -- find out why.

Award recognizes companies and leaders that stand out for their investment in innovation

Fabricio Bloisi, president of iFood, was the winner of the Valor Inovação Brasil 2021 Award in the Innovative Leadership category. In its 7th edition, the initiative recognizes the businesses that stood out the most for having a strong culture of innovation, maintaining competitiveness and using technology as a differentiating factor in the market.

The award is based on research carried out in partnership with Strategy&, a PwC strategic consultancy, and support from Anpei (National Association for Research and Development of Innovative Companies).

In his acceptance speech, Bloisi highlighted that innovation is at the heart of his role in leading iFood. “We embrace this and talk about transforming the company all the time. That’s why iFood is growing so much,” he told Valor Econômico.

His choice as the country's most innovative leader took place after two selection stages. In the first, survey participants nominated up to two executives for the award; These professionals then received grades, following criteria such as creativity, disruption and ability to inspire the market.

“I deeply believe that, in the future, companies will take on a role beyond their businesses and solve urgent global problems”, says the president of iFood, who sees technology as a tool to transform people's lives. “We innovate, with agility, in building a sustainable ecosystem for customers, partners and society. Now let’s scale innovation for the benefit of humanity.”

In June 2021, Fabrício joined the XPRIZE innovation board, a California-based nonprofit that seeks to attract great ideas to encourage cutting-edge R&D. The goal is to create and catalyze new ways to solve and alleviate humanity's greatest challenges, such as zeroing out carbon dioxide emissions and increasing knowledge of the rainforest ecosystem and biodiversity, as well as expanding the use of artificial intelligence.

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