How iFood Labs relates to the startup ecosystem

The idea that startups can offer solutions to emerging problems, create demands based on new business models and also solve old challenges with innovation is already more than consolidated. 

It is no surprise that the growth of Open Innovation (Open Innovation) in Brazil has been 125% per year since 2016, according to Open Startups. 

According to the survey, each year, the relationship between startups and corporations increases by 75% and is important because it brings a series of benefits to the organizations involved:

  • Allows access to ideas, knowledge and external resources;
  • Accelerates your innovation processes;
  • Reduces risks and costs; 
  • Increases your capabilities to innovate;
  • Boosts your growth; 
  • Keeps companies competitive.

O iFood Labs knows that this relationship contributes to consolidating the culture of innovation, brings dynamism and efficiency to the market and generates greater opportunities. Therefore, the company establishes strategic connections with startups. 

iFood Labs: innovation and collaboration

iFood is among the three Brazilian companies that best relate to the startup ecosystem. This rapprochement takes place through the initiatives of the iFood Labs, the innovation hub that promotes the acceleration of new businesses through programs aimed at testing, co-developing and investing in new solutions

The objective of iFood Labs is to promote collaboration, review innovation practices, entrepreneurship and business models, to facilitate the creation of products and services that increasingly transform the lives of the end public. Since May 2021, when iFood Labs was launched, this vertical has made almost 500 connections between startups and investors, hubs, accelerators and universities.

And there is room for several of these connections to happen: information from the innovation platform District point out the existence of almost 13 thousand active startups in Brazil. Of these, the majority are fintechs, representing 12.7% of the total active startups, followed by martechs (10.16%) and retailtechs (10.04%). All of these have match with the main pillars of iFood's business and, in addition, the foodtechs and logtechs They also have this fit. 

Opportunities for startups at iFood Labs

From the automation of sending messages to iFood chain restaurants until the delivery of meals made by drones and the Electric motorcycle, the iFood Labs innovation laboratory provides testing and improvement of innovations. The startups Write it down, Speedbird Aero It is Voltz, which developed these three projects in partnership with iFood, benefited from the know-how of the company and the ecosystem itself. 

There are some other advantages of being part of this ecosystem of innovation:

  • Visibility and opportunities for the startup to expand its business; 
  • Testing and improving solutions;
  • Implementation of innovations in the market and adding value;
  • Methods, commitment and focus to co-create new products and services;
  • Competitor analysis and trend observation;
  • Acceleration of new business;
  • Recognition of innovative potential.

The collaborative approach and resources offered have provided opportunities, strategic partnerships and consolidation of new startups in the market. It is already known that half of startups close their activities after less than 4 years of existence. Therefore, iFood Labs is a relevant partner in promoting the Brazilian innovation scenario. 

If you want to achieve these results for your company, make new connections, contribute to the startup ecosystem and offer the best experiences to consumers, send your solution pitch to iFood Labs and be our partner!

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