200 Million orders

In June, Thais Braz led the movement “How about without plastic cutlery?”

The campaign aims to call on consumers across the country to rethink the use of disposables, thus reducing the impact on the environment.

Do you know how to join this movement?
The entire base of restaurant partners of the application can choose to include the option of not sending plastic cutlery in their orders. Simple, easy and practical for such a large contribution, right?

All our users and customers can rethink the use of plastic cutlery in their order. 

And, in a short time, we have come far! We reached 200 million orders without plastic cutlery. This initiative is part of our environmental goals program, iFood Regenera, which aims to end plastic pollution in our deliveries by 2025. And you, have you started placing your orders on iFood without using plastic items? For an increasingly sustainable world, we need everyone to come together!

This is a small habit that gives a big help back to the environment!

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