5 simple attitudes to start protecting the environment now

You can also join the ESG agenda by adopting five sustainable attitudes in your daily life — find out what they are here.

What can you do on a daily basis to also adhere to the ESG agenda


When the subject is environmental impact, it is common for the letters ESG join the conversation. After all, this acronym, in English, refers to a company's good practices in relation to the environment (or environment, the “e” in the acronym), to society (Social) and governance (governance).

Just like companies, we can also collaborate, with simple actions, to have a positive impact on the world and protect the environment. “These are small revolutions in everyday life, like looking for alternatives to plastic pads or taking your cup to events”, he points out. Amanda Costa, executive director of Perifa Sustentável and young ambassador for UN (United Nations Organization).

With our actions, we can inspire conversations that lead to more far-reaching change, explains Amanda. “Transformations happen at the individual level, then at the collective level and reach the political level”, he says. To inspire these changes, check out five simple actions you can adopt now to protect the environment.

Bring your glass and cutlery

Why use disposable cups and cutlery when you can take your reusable kit to work or social events? With them, you avoid discarding more plastic into the environment — in 2021 alone, the material corresponded to around 80% of the trash that ended up in Brazilian rivers and seas, according to Abrelpe (Brazilian Association of Public Cleaning and Special Waste Companies).

Here's a tip: when ordering food on iFood, you can do without plastic items: more than 100 million orders They've already been done like that, you know?

Unplug appliances

Appliances that are always plugged in, in stand-by mode, are not switched off; they are, in fact, consuming the least amount of energy. In other words, when items such as televisions, microwaves, coffee makers and video game consoles are idle, unplug them. Even the little red light on uses electricity, even if the electronics are turned off.

Reuse washing machine water

Instead of letting all this volume of water flow down the drain, why not store the liquid in a gallon or tank and use it to clean the outdoor areas or floors of the house? This way you help reduce excessive water consumption: in Brazil, the average is 152 liters per person per day, according to the National Sanitation Information System (SNIS 2020), but the amount sufficient to meet basic needs is 110 liters per day per person, according to the UN (United Nations).

Choose a sustainable means of transport

Do you need to take the car to go nearby? To help reduce air pollution, choose walking or cycling when the distance is short, or public or shared transport to go further.

Ask before buying

Much of the environmental impact we cause comes from excessive consumption (which ends up discarding more items and their packaging). Therefore, before buying another piece of clothing or something you don't need, Amanda suggests thinking about the conscious consumption. “It's always good to ask yourself 'do I really need to consume this?' or 'do I need to reproduce this model that I need to buy something to be happy?' This is the first step towards permanent change.”

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