Global warming: 2022 should be even hotter

2022 should set a new record in global temperature. This is what the forecast report from the UK meteorological service, the Met Office, points out. Check out!

Forecast is from the annual report of the UK weather service, the Met Office; check the forecast

The year 2022 is already expected to be one of the hottest on record. This is what official data from the United Kingdom meteorological service indicates, the MetOffice, about what we can expect from the weather in the coming months.

According to the report, released annually by the entity, the global average temperature should be between 0.97°C and 1.21°C above the average of the pre-industrial period (1850-1900).

The data is alarming because, if the predictions are confirmed, it will be the eighth consecutive year in which temperatures exceed 1.0°C, continuing a series of the hottest years on the planet since 1850.

Recording of this sequence began in 2015, the first year in which warming above the average of 1.0ºC was recorded. The forecast, however, is based on the main climate factors, but does not take into account natural events such as volcanic eruptions, which could cause temporary cooling.

The research center also indicates that, although the main data is one of the hottest years in history, the forecast is still slightly lower than some years, due to the La Niña phenomenon and its influence on the Pacific Ocean: the effect generates a cooling, even than temporary, in the global average temperature.

Check the temperatures predicted and observed by the meteorological service in the last five years in the table below:

Stopping global warming, in practice

At iFood, iFood Regenera has a series of actions to achieve the goals established by foodtech, by 2025 – one of them, becoming neutral in CO2 emissions.

“We want to inspire partners and customers to be part of this movement of action to reverse climate change”, says André Borges, the Head of Sustainability at iFood. “We are the first delivery company to compensate in advance for all emissions from our deliveries in partnership with the startup Moss.Earth, a specialist in carbon market”.

In addition to purchasing carbon credits, iFood contributes to the organization SOS Mata Atlântica with the in-app donation platform. In this way, it contributes to the reforestation and protection of 1,250,000 square meters of forest – an area the size of 125 official football fields.

Foodtech has also invested in the development and encouragement of non-polluting modes of delivery, such as drones, robots and electric bicycles. Today the iFood Pedal, an exclusive bike sharing program for the app's delivery partners, is the largest in Latin America, available in six Brazilian capitals, with more than 2,500 e-bikes.

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