How you can help reforest the Atlantic Forest

iFood and Heineken have partnered to engage more people in the regeneration of the Atlantic Forest — find out how you can make your donation and participate.

Partnership between iFood and Heineken will plant a tree for every R$ 16 raised in donations

The Atlantic Forest is one of the most important biomes in Brazil. From brazilwood to mangroves and araucaria, its varied vegetation covered the entire east coast of the country, from the South to the Northeast. Today, however, only 12% of the original coverage remains, according to the NGO SOS Mata Atlântica.

The forest restoration of this biome is one of the NGO's main action fronts, which has already replanted 40 million trees in 23 thousand hectares — an area equivalent to that of the city of Recife (PE) — in partnership with governments, companies, landowners and civil society.

This action is important not only to regenerate the forest but also to guarantee the water supply for people, ensure climate regulation, contribute to adequate conditions for agriculture and fishing and protect areas for the development of ecotourism.

To engage even more people in protecting one of the most important biomes in the world, iFood and the Heineken Group entered into a partnership to receive donations, which will be used to plant trees. From January 17th, for every R$ 16 donated by consumers, iFood and Heineken will plant a tree in the Atlantic Forest and monitor it for three years.

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