Commitment to the climate: iFood Regenera takes another step

iFood is now part of the EKOS Institute’s “Commitment to Climate” program. Thus, FoodTech reinforces its environmental commitments. Know more!

When the challenge is the size of the world, we need to join forces. Therefore, iFood is now part of the program “Commitment to the climate”, from the EKOS Institute.

The objective is to join forces with other conscious companies that share the same purpose of carrying out long-term plans for the planet. In addition to iFood, which is an institutional supporter, the program also includes companies such as B3, Itaú, Natura, Renner, Mattos Filho, Localiza, MRV and RaiaDrogasil.

In this way, we reinforce our environmental commitments and have the opportunity to further strengthen our projects through the partnership with the EKOS Institute.

“We want to continue growing, but in a responsible way and always generating a positive socio-environmental impact” explains André Borges, head of sustainable solutions at iFood.

That's why we launched the “iFood Regenerates” , a program of goals that is divided into two main fronts to become a reference in impact-free delivery: zero plastic pollution in its delivery operations by 2025 and become neutral in carbon emissions by 2021.

Other iFood commitments

Earlier this month, iFood became the first app to commit to a #DeLivreDePlástico, a campaign co-led by Oceana and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Clean Seas Campaign.

Also in August, iFood joined the group of companies that signed the UN Global Compact (United Nations Organization). In this way, it joins the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world, which encompasses more than 12 thousand companies in 160 countries.

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