Mother's Day: iFood receives donations for Mães da Favela

Find out how you can participate in CUFA's campaign to distribute food and cooking gas to mothers

iFood is promoting, until May 14th, a donation campaign to collaborate with the program Favela Mothers, from the CUFA (Central Única das Favelas), one of its Partner NGOs.

Until that date, the donations made in the app from iFood will be used for basic food baskets, “food voucher” cards worth R$ 100 and gas cylinders, which will be distributed to mothers in more than 5,000 favelas throughout Brazil.

How to make a donation?

To collaborate with the campaign and donate to CUFA and Mães da Favela, just follow these steps:

  • Open the iFood application;
  • Go to “Profile”, in the bottom right corner of the screen;
  • Scroll down until you reach “Donations”;
  • Click on “Donate to favela mothers/CUFA;
  • Click on the “I want to donate” button
  • Choose the amount and payment method, click the “Send Donation” button and participate in the campaign!

CUFA's social impact

CUFA is a Brazilian social organization created more than 20 years ago, and today is present in five thousand favelas across the country. The NGO works with sport, leadership training, entrepreneurship, education, leisure, culture and citizenship. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, CUFA used its reach to alleviate as much as possible the difficulties that favela residents faced. 

With the Mães da Favela program, the organization delivered basic food baskets, food voucher cards and gas cylinders to the women assisted by the initiative. With this, it served more than 640 thousand families and took more than 8 tons of food to around 2 million people

CUFA has been an iFood partner since 2020, and has since received R$ 4.16 million in donations collected on the app.

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