Application for permanent donations enters iFood

In the iFood donation application, we have an area for permanent donation, where anyone can contribute to the combat to hunger in Brazil. Additionally, donations can be made in three ways:

Donation of basic food baskets to the NGO Citizenship Action

Firstly, donations are made through the iFood app and converted into basic food baskets that are delivered by the NGO Ação da Cidadania to the most vulnerable families in 100% of the Brazilian states. To find out more about the NGO Ação da Cidadania, visit:

Donation of ready-made meals from Bom e Barato restaurants

By donating ready-made meals on the iFood app, it is possible to support the vulnerable population and support small restaurants by generating income from the production of these meals.

Furthermore, the delivery men who make these deliveries to the restaurants that are part of the action receive payment for the route and also receive a meal.

Donation of food voucher cards

Here the user donates food to the #vencendojuntos campaign, created by Brazilian athletes such as Flávio Canto, Hortência, Guga among others. In this way, the objective is to benefit around 33 thousand families in situations of social vulnerability in several cities in Brazil. Donations are converted into food vouchers worth R$ 100.00 for 3 months.

Donating is very easy:

  1. open the iFood app
  2. Go to profile and click on donations
  3. make the donation. Click here to access the donations area.

Furthermore, due to our partnership with the NGO Ação da Cidadania, which began back in 2017, we were recognized by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and by Center of Excellence against Hunger Brazil (WFP) as a company that has food security and the fight against hunger as one of its priorities.

Finally, during the COVID-19 period alone we collected more than 900 tons of food and have already benefited more than 360 thousand people. By adding up all donations since January 2020, we will collect around 1,500 tons of food and benefit more than 460,000 people.

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