iFood raises more than R$ 7 million in donations on the app

In 2021, solidarity was part of iFood's daily life. With donations on the app, more than R$ 7 million and more than 380 thousand tons of food were raised.

Solidarity was definitely one of iFood's biggest deliverables this year. With the tool direct donation in the app, the contribution of users to environmental, educational and social causes combat to hunger has resulted in more than R$ 7 million since January 2020.

This year alone, there were more than R$ 4 million, in response to campaigns such as emergency aid to victims of the rains in Bahia, “Donate to a Cause” and “Meal Donation” in partnership with CUFA.

In addition to cash values, distributed among the seven institutions benefiting from the action, more than 380 thousand tons of food. Check out:

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