iFood campaigns to collect 20 thousand chocolates at Easter

Customers will be able to use the app to make donations to the PAZcoa das Comunidades action, carried out by the NGO Voz das Comunidades in Rio de Janeiro

The origin of the word Easter refers to hope and passage to a better situation. This is the spirit of the new campaign donations promoted by iFood to support the PAZcoa das Comunidades action, carried out by the NGO Voice of Communities, founded by social entrepreneur Rene Silva dos Santos.

With this campaign, the partners hope to collect and distribute 20,000 chocolates to children in the Alemão, Penha and Vidigal complexes, in Rio de Janeiro. In the action carried out in 2022, more than 15 thousand chocolates were distributed in Rio de Janeiro communities.

passo a passo de como fazer sua doação no app do ifood

The calculation is simple: every R$ 15 collected on the iFood app will be donated to an Easter chocolate. And the sweets will be donated by Voz das Comunidades to children on April 8th, starting at 10am.

iFood customers will be able to donate in two ways: on their Profile (Donations tab) or when completing an order.

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