iFood invests R$15 million in environmental and education actions

Discover the projects developed in the first year of foodtech’s socio-environmental commitments

Between February and March 2021, iFood made five public commitments in the areas of education It is environment, with the aim of promoting social and food inclusion, thus contributing to a more sustainable and less unequal future for the country.

These commitments, whose goals must be achieved by 2025, are:



  • Train and employ 25 thousand people from underrepresented and low-income groups in technology
  • Empowering more than 5 million people for the work of the future and entrepreneurship
  • Impact 5 million people by developing and promoting technology in the basic education

To top it off, in August 2021, the company became the first Brazilian foodtech to sign the UN Global Compact (United Nations), reaffirming its commitment to aligning its strategies and operations with the entity's principles of sustainability, education and social inclusion and to following the Sustainable Development Goals —the goals set to resolve the planet's main social and environmental challenges by 2030.

In this first year of commitments, iFood invested R$15 million in various actions to promote quality education and combat climate change. Now, the next step is to make these projects grow on a large scale and increase their positive impact on society and the environment — see what they are below.

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