iFood raises R$ 7.8 million in donations in 2022

Check out this and other results from the report that provides a balance of donations made on the app in the fourth quarter of 2022

In 2022, iFood broke a record for resources raised with donations made by customers in the app. More than R$ 7.8 million was donated during the year, of which R$ 1.2 million was received in the fourth quarter, according to the donation balance report for the fourth quarter of the year.

Overall, donations made between October and December were converted into 1,200 food and organic baskets, 579 thousand meals, 10 thousand tree seedlings planted and R$ 117 thousand invested in education.

In the fourth quarter, the partner NGO which received the most resources was Citizenship Action (R$ 564.1 thousand). Do you want to know how the funds raised were distributed to the eight iFood partner organizations? Check this and other numbers in the table below.

In addition to this amount donated via the app, other partnerships were made in the last quarter to raise funds. One of them was the action Christmas Without Hunger, held in December with Coca-Cola, which raised R$ 2.7 million

And, for the first time, the app iFood received donations for the Telethon: R$ 403.7 thousand were collected in November and allocated to AACD.

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