iFood Pedal: a non-polluting alternative for delivery

O iFood Pedal, the shared bike program iFood – electric or traditional – goes far beyond the non-polluting mode. The program, in partnership with Tembici, a technology company that is a reference in micro mobility and solutions for urban spaces, also has Support Points for delivery people and the “Pedal Responsa” course for personal development.

This story begins in mid-2019, when the inclusion of non-polluting modes in iFood was being studied and something caught the attention of the Innovation and Logistics team. In the search for sustainable models that brought efficiency to the operation, the bicycle brought a new perspective to the discussion: in this context, it also meant a gateway to the platform.

“That’s when we understood that it was a different modality. Many delivery drivers were already looking for shared bikes, as most lived in areas far from the city. In other words, in addition to the environmental impact, which is a constant concern for iFood, we also wanted to take care of our delivery person, with tools that make sense in their daily lives. This is how iFood Pedal was born”, explains Fabiane Carrijo, from the Innovations and Logistics area at iFood.

By understanding this need, the project as a whole was designed: a bicycle sharing program, with affordable prices and living spaces designed to guarantee the well-being of delivery people.

iFood Pedal Support Points have rest areas, microwaves to heat lunch boxes, water, bathrooms, coffee and power points to recharge your cell phone. Available on site, wifi is used by many of the partners to carry out the online classes available in the program.

“The courses are part of the Responsive Pedal, in which the delivery person has access to five classes, via WhatsApp, with the themes 'Use of electric bicycles', 'How to cycle safely', 'Health Care', 'Prevention of COVID-19' and 'Communication during Delivery” ', explains Fabiane about the trails available in EaD. To encourage participation, there is a certificate and the completion kit includes items such as a windproof jacket and portable charger.

From an environmental perspective, the project meets the goals of iFood Regenera, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions through the adoption of bicycles as a non-polluting mode in iFood deliveries. “When we talk about mobility and the environment, the right thing to do would be to talk about fewer vehicles on the street. In other words, shared bikes are an intelligent system for occupying and using public space”, points out Fabiane.

For Felipe Rocha (26), an iFood delivery person for four years, encouraging non-polluting modes makes him feel part of a greater objective. He makes all his deliveries by bicycle. “In addition to being more enjoyable, it makes me rethink my relationship with the city. I tell people that it’s safe and that it helps the environment. I feel like an important person among so many cars, like in São Paulo. Forget the engine, focus on the bike”, he says.

In 2020, iFood Pedal won the “Innovation of the Year” award at the Estadão Mobilidade award. Last August, the program delivered 182 thousand orders, avoiding the emission of 54 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Where to find

There are three iFood Pedal Support Points in São Paulo and one in Rio de Janeiro. Click here to check addresses and plans.

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