iFood has 3 inclusion goals for 2023 — find out what they are

In 2021, the company made commitments to have more women and people of color in leadership

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN (United Nations), in 2021 the iFood made commitments in relation to gender equality and the reduction of inequalities. 

By 2023, the company wants to reach the goal of having 50% of women in its leadership positions (and 35% in senior positions) and 30% of black people in leadership, in addition to 40% of black employees. 

In just over a year, this objective has advanced: in September 2022, iFood had 31.8% of women and 18% of black people in senior leadership, according to its Impact Report (which you can consult online, in the version complete or in summarized).

Actions for real inclusion

To promote the inclusion of these and other minoritized groups In the area of technology, the company adopts initiatives such as offering development programs, career acceleration, support and mentoring and literacy for its leaders.

In addition to having diversity goals, iFood also created an inclusion indicator (the Psychological Safety Index) to measure whether it provides a psychologically safe environment for people of any gender identity, race or sexual orientation, with or without disabilities. 

Created based on the methodology of Dr. Amy Edmondson, from Harvard University, the Psychological Safety Index measures aspects such as a sense of belonging, freedom to express your identity, to disagree, to take risks and to learn.

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