iFood triples sustainable packaging suppliers in recent months

Sustainable packaging produced from cassava, starch and corn stands out in the portfolio available on iFood Shop for restaurants. Efforts to encourage the use of sustainable packaging are part of iFood Regenera, iFood's environmental goals program launched in March

São Paulo, April 2021 - O iFood recorded an increase in the number of suppliers of sustainable packaging for the iFood Shop, a foodtech marketplace that guarantees items, inputs and products aimed at partners. The objective of iFood is to encourage restaurants and supplier partners to offer options that are less aggressive to the environment and, since then, the results have been positive: in the last six months alone, the entry of suppliers working on this front has tripled. This movement is part of the efforts of iFood Regenerates, a program of environmental goals with two fronts: ending plastic pollution in delivery operations and neutralizing carbon dioxide emissions by 2025.

Actions focused on sustainability had already been created since 2019, such as the sustainable packaging section in the iFood Shop, dedicated to restaurants. With iFood Regenera, we only accelerate the company's natural process, with options for items made with materials produced from sugar cane, cassava, paper and corn starch”, he states. Natalia Santana, Head of iFood Shop.

Cassava packaging

One of these partners who joined the platform last year was “Já Fui Mandioca”, a Brazilian company that uses cassava starch for clean manufacturing and with a positive impact of sustainable biopackaging, which turns into fertilizer in up to 90 days. Furthermore, the packaging uses 100 times less water to produce and has benefits at all stages of its life cycle. “The action at BBB in partnership with iFood was very important to demonstrate to a large audience that there are alternatives, and that they are even made here in Brazil! This is essential to help make the food delivery market increasingly sustainable”, comments Stelvio Mazza, CEO of Já Fui Mandioca.

iFood Shop

The marketplace aimed at partner establishments was created 4 years ago, with the aim of simplifying the purchase of materials for restaurants, such as packaging, delivery bags, seals, as well as inputs, housewares and food such as fruits, vegetables and greens. Since 2020, iFood Shop has had a “Sustainable Packaging” section, created to encourage partners to join the environmental cause. Currently more than 26 thousand items are available to partners throughout Brazil. Last year, iFood Shop sales recorded an increase of 100% and an increasing number of 600% from suppliers.

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