Investment in clean energy breaks records in the world

China, USA and Japan are leading contributions to solar and wind energy projects

Good news in combat to the global warming: Countries around the world are investing record amounts in clean energy projects, generated through renewable sources that do not pollute the environment.

In the first half of 2022 alone, US$ 226 billion were invested in the development of clean energy sources — an increase of 11% in investment compared to 2021, points out the latest Bloomberg NEF report. This represents a record: never before had so much money been invested in the sector in just one semester.

Across the planet, investment in solar energy increased by 33% in this period, and investment in wind energy projects grew by 18%. China, the United States and Japan — which are among the largest emitters of greenhouse gases— are the countries that are investing the most in these clean sources to generate electricity.

China, the report points out, has once again become the largest sustainable energy market. Alone, the country invested US$ 98 billion in the first half of 2022, followed by the United States (US$ 12 billion) and Japan (US$ 5 billion).

Albert Cheung, head of analysis at BloombergNEF, said the results show that world leaders are recognizing the importance of expanding the supply of sustainable energy. “The demand for clean energy sources has never been higher. We hope the global energy crisis continues to act as an accelerator for the clean energy transition.”

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