iFood News has a new news section dedicated to customers

The Customer Experience section brings together content that aims to strengthen the relationship with the brand and provide better use of the app

Build a relationship of trust and admiration between a brand and its consumers It is the primary objective of any business. After all, a service only makes sense if someone is interested in it on a regular basis. In the case of iFood it is no different, but the company always wants to go further. 

With a strong culture focused on people, iFood works to have the same respectful relationship with consumers that it has with its FoodLovers — as its employees are called. And despite all the complexity and scale of a business that delivers more than 65 million orders per month, it invests a lot in technology and inovation to offer a positive experience to your customers, with low friction. 

A new Customer Experience section arrives precisely to add another one of these tools for building and strengthening the customer-brand relationship. With texts and videos focused on helping consumers better navigate the platform, it offers guidance on how to quickly resolve problems and tips to make the most of the app's features when shopping.

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“The editorial’s objective is to educate and contribute, with relevant content, to the consumers’ journey and generate connection with this audience, so that they feel part of iFood and know that they are being heard”, explains Thais Suzuki, director of the Customer area Experience.

Furthermore, the space brings together other topics of interest to the iFood user, such as awards and recognition, experiences with the brand, consumer trends, suggestions on how to have more appropriate contact with the delivery person and even recommendations from other customers. “All types of content that can facilitate access to our products and services and reduce friction in the journey will have space in the new section”, adds Thais. 

How to access the Customer Experience section

By publicizing this space, iFood hopes to mainly provide information on how to better use the application. Therefore, within the editorial, the consumer will find the highlight “Help there, iFood”, containing step-by-step quick and educational videos, which teach, for example, how to ask for help, how to choose a good restaurant and how to use food coupons. discount. 

To access the Customer Experience section on iFood News, go to the top left corner of the iFood News website, where there are three horizontal lines (if you are on a cell phone) or the word “Menu” (if you are on a computer). 

In the Menu, simply find the “Customer Experience” section in the “Editorials” list (which is on the left of the screen). 

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