Orgânico Solidário brings fruit and vegetable baskets to those who are hungry

Discover the work of this NGO that works on two fronts: combating hunger and generating income through the production of healthy food

A Organic Solidarity is one of iFood partner NGOs who work in the fight against hunger. But with a different footprint, which feeds two chains: “those of those who are hungry and those of those who produce food”, explains Aziz Camali Constantino, co-founder of the organization. “That’s the beauty of the process,” he says.

This is because the NGO's work is to deliver baskets of fruits and vegetables daily. organic to families in situations of social vulnerability. “We serve peripheral areas, social projects and neighborhoods”, says the entrepreneur.

These baskets are assembled by a network of organic operators for partner organizations and social projects — each one has more than 6 kg of varied items and costs R$ 60.

Therefore, in addition to focusing on the nutrition of these people, Orgânico Solidário encourages organic production in the field. “We have already benefited more than one hundred certified organic producers in Brazil, generating income for them”, explains Aziz.

The importance of donations

Orgânico Solidário was born as an action during the Covid-19 pandemic, in 2020. “But already with a view of startup social, which goes beyond a fundraising campaign”, says the co-founder. 

After that beginning, it became a social organization. Its activities are financed through donations, both from partner companies — such as iFood — and from individuals, in addition to international philanthropic funds.

One of its fundraising models is a social anniversary campaign, in which employees of a company, instead of raising money to celebrate a birthday, raise money to donate.

All of the NGO's funding is audited and periodically presented in transparency reports. In total, Orgânico Solidário has already raised more than R$ 4 million, of which more than R$ 900 thousand came from donations made on the iFood app.

In the last quarter of 2022, the organization received R$ 40.6 thousand raised via iFood. This value was transformed into 677 organic food baskets, which benefited 3,350 people, according to the iFood donation program report.

Impact metrics

Orgânico Solidário prioritizes recurring donations, which are made continuously, and not just on emergency occasions. “It goes far beyond welfare”, says Aziz.

In parallel, the NGO promotes specific campaigns to raise donations in emergencies, as happened in relation to the rains that hit the Bahia and the municipality of Petrópolis (RJ) between 2021 and 2022.

The organization also has impact metrics for its actions — studies that resulted in a book, published in partnership with the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC).

“It includes indicators of the impact of a year of the NGO's deliveries in the Florianópolis region, in relation to the growth of community gardens and the quality of children's development”, says Aziz.

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