Order food and plant a tree: iFood action helps restore the Atlantic Forest

With one click you can collaborate to plant a tree in the Atlantic Forest, the most threatened biome in Brazil. Know how!

With one click, whoever uses the iFood closes the order for the next meal. With another, you can collaborate to plant a tree in the Atlantic Forest, the most threatened biome in Brazil. Helping to restore these forests became simpler with the partnership that iFood signed with SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation to plant 12,500 trees with donations made by app users.

The goal is to raise R$ 200 thousand, which will be fully donated to the NGO. By the end of August, around R$ 63 thousand had been raised.

For every R$ 16 donated, a tree is planted by Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica and monitored for five years in the Forests of the Future program, which brings together civil society, the private sector, governments and landowners in forest restoration projects.

Today, the Atlantic Forest has only 12.4% of its original vegetation cover — and is home to 60% of the country's threatened species. Investing in the restoration of forests is one of the essential actions to limit the increase in temperature on the planet to 1.5o C, a mark considered safe by scientists.

“The action in partnership with iFood, in addition to directly contributing to the recovery of the forest, draws public attention and raises awareness of the importance of this agenda”, comments Afra Balazina, director of Mobilization at SOS Mata Atlântica.

“The partnership combines innovation and technology to build, together, a more sustainable future. It is essential to foster this environmental awareness and engage everyone in this movement for society”, says André Borges, head of sustainable solutions at iFood.

This is another of the initiatives of the iFood Regenerates, which brings together iFood's environmental commitments: how to eliminate plastic pollution from delivery and be a carbon neutral company by 2025. To neutralize greenhouse gas emissions, iFood has already brought forward its CO2 compensation in 2021 It is invests in forest preservation projects.

Want to know how to help? Check out the step by step below.

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