iFood education platforms have new features for 2022

New technology and entrepreneurship courses are some of the new features in iFood's education programs in 2022 — find out what the others are here.

iFood Decola and Potência Tech offer more courses on topics such as finance, entrepreneurship and programming

You education programs from iFood bring news for the 2022 season. Starting in February, the iFood Takes Off will have new courses for partners on topics such as financial education and entrepreneurship. And the Tech Power enters a new phase, with more courses, content and community for those who want to start a career in technology.

All of this has to do with the iFood's commitment to empower 5 million Brazilians for the work of the future and entrepreneurship and to train and employ another 25 thousand in the technology area. Check out what's new on education platforms below:

More courses on iFood Decola

iFood Decola is an education platform for delivery drivers, restaurants and markets, pet retailers and pharmacies, created to boost the training of these partners. In less than a year of existence, the program has already issued more than 61 thousand course completion certificates.

In February, iFood Decola gained new courses on various topics, such as financial education, traffic safety and entrepreneurship, taught in quick classes. Some of them are: “Financial Balance”, developed by XP, “Your money: how to organize it better”, from Favelado Investor, “Entrepreneurial Attitude”, from Undertake There and “Creativity and Innovation”, from Zero gravity.

“We want to give partners the opportunity to obtain more and better training in different areas and develop more skills, including preparing themselves for the future of work and entrepreneurship”, comments Luanna Luna, education manager at iFood.

To develop the new courses, iFood partnered with experts in the food and delivery market. XP, one of the largest groups in the financial market in Brazil, participated in this new crop of training; Empreende Aí, a business school focused on the periphery; Zero Gravity, aimed at awakening the creative essence of people and organizations; and Favelado Investidor, a project that teaches people from any social class how to improve their finances.

Turbocharged Tech power

In 2022 a new version of the Tech Power, an iFood platform that offers courses, scholarships and job openings in technology for people with profiles that are currently underrepresented in this area. Launched in October 2021, Potência Tech received more than 15 thousand applications and financed almost 3 thousand technology training scholarships.

To accelerate the training of those who want to work in this area and provide more support to those who do not yet know much about the world of technology, the platform will have free quick courses and more content about what professionals do in this area, in addition to bringing Tips on starting a career in tech or improve your employability.

“We realized that, when choosing scholarships, people had difficulty understanding what back end, full stack, front end, so the platform will now have a section to clarify what these professionals do”, explains Roberta Piozzi, education coordinator at iFood and Potência Tech.

In addition, Potência Tech will have a community so that its users can meet, discuss topics of interest and network. “More than a platform, we want to be a large community of talents from groups that are currently underrepresented to enhance their participation in the job market”, adds Roberta.

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