Potência Tech offers 10 thousand scholarships for programming courses

In March, the program opens registrations for training; find out how to participate

This is for those who want to pursue a career in technology: in March, the Tech Power open sign ups on your website to offer 10 thousand scholarships for programming courses.

There are 5 thousand places for each of the two courses offered by partner schools, such as Oracle Next Generation, Womakers Code and DIO. One of them is programming logic (frontend It is back end), whose registrations are open between 1 and 27/3; another is one boot camp in back end, which will receive registrations from 3/17 to 5/13.

Potência Tech is a training platform created by iFood in 2021 to support the training and employability of professionals in the technology field — and the company's commitment to training and employing 25 thousand people of underrepresented audiences in the technology area. 

Therefore, people who sign up to compete for scholarships for programming courses must be part of these underrepresented groups (cis or trans women, trans men, black people, brown, yellow or indigenous, LGBTQIAP+ and people with disabilities) and/or have a household income of up to R$ 2,000 per person.

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In addition to scholarships for professional courses, Potência Tech offers technology knowledge trails, with introductory courses for people to learn about the opportunities that the technology market offers.

To date, more than 39 thousand people have signed up for Potência Tech, which has distributed more than 17 thousand scholarships. Among those who took the courses, more than 1,500 managed to place themselves in the market.

Of boot camp for the new job

One of these people was Éslin Makicine Martins, 27 years old, now a software engineer in Joinville (SC). In 2019 she began working in the technology field, as a test analyst. 

In 2021, it made a boot camp (intensive training) of 150 hours in back end at WoMakersCode, which partners with iFood. She says that she learned not only about technical subjects, but also about her career — and that she had contact with people who are references in the technology area.

“In addition to technical development, the classes reinforced values such as respect, responsibility, representation, sisterhood, teamwork and a growth mindset”, he says.

At the end of boot camp, she participated in a selection process recommended by WoMakersCode and was offered a place in the position she currently holds. “I see that the presence of women in this area is still low,” he says. “That’s what the startiactivities for training and employability of cis or trans women are so important.”

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