Who are iFood's partner NGOs?

iFood News series tells the story of the organizations that receive donations on the app and shows their impact on education, food security and environmental protection

Donations made through the iFood app in 2022 changed the lives of 5 million Brazilians. Throughout the year, R$ 7 million were raised and passed on to the company's partner NGOs, which work in the combat hunger, encouraging education and protecting the environment.

In the app, customers can direct their donation to the NGO that is most aligned with their purposes. For those who haven't yet discovered what the cause is, here's a tip: do the test created by Instituto Mol, in partnership with IDIS —which in the end even indicates organizations (and some of them are in the iFood app).

The main cause supported by iFood is education, which the company considers it essential to build a more prosperous and less unequal country and prepare new talent for the future of work (especially in the technology sector).

That's why iFood took over, in 2021, the public commitment to train and employ 25 thousand people from underrepresented groups in technology, train more than 5 million people for the work of the future and impact 5 million public school students by 2025.

iFood's partner NGOs

Focusing on education, the company partnered with NGOs such as All for Education —which works to improve basic education in the country and improve public policies—, the 1Bi Foundation, focused on technologies to improve basic education, Generating Falcons, which trains local leaders and offers professional qualification courses, and Vocation, dedicated to developing people's skills through work with communities and comprehensive or professional education. 

In the fight against hunger, iFood works with Citizenship Action, The CUFA, The Gastromotiva and the Organic Solidarity. Alongside these organizations, iFood transforms its customers' donations into meals and food baskets for the most vulnerable Brazilians. And, next to SOS Mata Atlântica, iFood works to regenerate forests.

And this is just the beginning of the story. Throughout the “iFood Partner NGOs” series, you will learn about the trajectory of these organizations and the size of the positive impact they have on society and the environment. Check out the reports already published:

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