Anjos de Capacete returns to BH to promote the training of over 90 delivery drivers in traffic safety and first aid

Partnership between iFood and Belo Horizonte City Hall brings training and training to delivery drivers across the country in an unprecedented and pioneering way

Partnership between iFood and Belo Horizonte City Hall brings training and training to delivery drivers across the country in an unprecedented and pioneering way

São Paulo, November 2021 – The state of Minas Gerais receives, in Belo Horizonte, the initiative Helmet Angels. Carried out by iFood in partnership with the city hall and BHTRANS, the action returns to the capital of Minas Gerais to train 60 volunteer delivery drivers in first aid and traffic safety until the beginning of December.

In-person classes will be held at BHTRANS headquarters during the morning of November 29th and December 1st. Through lectures and practical instructions, participants will be able to learn important notions about road safety, first aid and what to do in the event of an accident, whether directly involved or not.

At the end of the course, delivery drivers will receive a personalized helmet that identifies them on the streets as “Helmet Angel”, in addition to basic first aid equipment, jacket, safety kit and training certificate.

“We value investing in education, as we believe that it is the only one capable of bringing profound changes to society. And it couldn’t be any different with delivery people.” says João Sabino, Director of Public Policies at iFood. “This public-private partnership benefits the entire city, which gains additional support from these partners who will have vast knowledge in traffic safety and the ability to facilitate the work of emergency teams. After each training, we see how valued they feel for being part of this initiative”, highlights the director.

According to Belo Horizonte city hall, the objective of the municipality's safety policy is, by 2030, to achieve a reduction of 50% in the death rate in traffic accidents. This drop in the rate also involves a specific reduction in the rates of victims who are most vulnerable in traffic, such as pedestrians and motorcyclists. The results obtained in recent years indicate success in this goal, but measures must be taken with a focus on this mission of saving lives.

Thousands of delivery people roam the streets of cities every day and, given this, it is essential to guarantee the safety of these workers. Therefore, iFood takes an unprecedented and pioneering project to different regions of the country to train and qualify these delivery drivers, transforming them into important road safety agents.

In the first edition of the Anjos do Capacete program held in Minas Gerais, 100 professionals have already undergone training. In Brazil, the Anjos do Capacete program is in its sixth edition and has already trained around 700 cyclists and motorcyclists in one year in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Recife, João Pessoa, Rio de Janeiro and Maceió. Furthermore, throughout the year, different awareness actions are carried out on safe driving, which add to the initiatives that iFood promotes to guarantee the physical well-being of the delivery person. Among them, the distribution of personal protective equipment, accident insurance, access to health benefit plans and protection funds in cases of illness stand out.

Watch here testimonials that have already participated in the program.

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