Official announcement – Changing names of establishments in the app

Official announcement about changing names of establishments on the platform.

On the night of November 2, iFood identified that approximately 6% of the establishments registered on the platform had their names changed. The company took immediate measures to remedy the problem and protect the data of restaurants, consumers and delivery people.

The incident was caused by the account of an employee of a customer service company who had permission to adjust restaurant registration information on the platform, and who did so improperly. The service provider's access was immediately interrupted, and the names of the restaurants have already been reestablished.

iFood does not store card data and, therefore, this information cannot be leaked. We follow card industry PCI standards to ensure the protection of payment information for everyone who uses our services. We carry out frequent external audits to ensure we maintain strict security processes and standards.

iFood values information security and compliance with financial legislation. For more details about the privacy policy, visit:

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