Deezer announces iFood in a new native sponsorship format in users’ “Most Wanted” tracks

iFood is the first brand to implement a new format with the streaming platform in Brazil

iFood is the first brand to implement a new format with the streaming platform in Brazil

One of the great passions of Brazilians is music. It awakens feelings and has the power to transform anyone's mood. It's no surprise that on Deezer most users regularly consume their favorite songs in the “Most loved” playlist, part of the platform's features. Thinking about connecting with the emotions of Deezer users, iFood sponsors the consumption experience of “Mais Queridas”, getting closer to this audience in an emotional way.

“With the new “Brazilian Loves” campaign, iFood shows that Brazilians are truly passionate and love many things, in different ways and in a unique way. And we will show what is present in all these loves, enhancing experiences, and being part of people's daily lives because only the most loved delivery app in Brazil knows Brazilians like no one else”, comments João Clark, marketing director at iFood.

Currently, most of the streaming platform's monthly users regularly consume their favorite music. Natively integrated into the experience, this format allows for a natural association of the brand with the platform’s universe. Favorite songs are all those that the user clicked on the “heart” when listed, or during playback. With this partnership, the brand visually integrates itself into the moment of the experience, also featuring a display for call to action and exclusive 30-second audio spots, played during playlist consumption.

This format has just been launched on Deezer globally and iFood was the first brand to occupy this new territory in Brazil with its new campaign, produced in partnership with Agência SUNO, being present in the playlist with the songs most loved by Brazilians.

“According to the CENP-Meios panel, of the Executive Council of Standard Norms, in the first half of 2021 only 0.3% of investments in digital advertising in Brazil were for audio formats. So with this partnership, Deezer seeks to strengthen the digital audio ecosystem by investing in new formats that offer advertisers the possibility of being immersed in the user experience”, comments Stefan Habergritz, Head of Brand Partnerships at Deezer.

About Deezer

Deezer connects music fans around the world with over 73 million tracks and is available in 180 countries. Deezer gives you immediate access to the most diverse music streaming catalog on any device. Deezer is the only music streaming service with Flow, a personalized soundtrack with your most loved songs and new recommendations based on algorithmic data and suggestions from our music editors. Based on an intuitive proprietary algorithm and created by people who love music, it's the only place to listen to your music in an unlimited soundtrack of new discoveries tailored to you. Deezer is available on your preferred device, including smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop, home sound system, car multimedia audio system, Smart TV or video game console.

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About iFood

iFood, a reference in online food delivery in Latin America, has 60 million monthly orders. Having been on the market for ten years, the Brazilian company is also present in Colombia. It works together with partners with initiatives that bring together business intelligence and management solutions for the approximately 270 thousand restaurants registered in more than a thousand cities throughout Brazil. iFood has important investors, such as Movile, a global leader in mobile marketplaces, and Just Eat, one of the largest online ordering companies in the world. iFood News was recently launched, an iFood news portal that promotes current topics such as the New Economy and content about business curiosities, partners' success stories in addition to addressing trends and innovation in the segment.

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