Fluxo invades the iFood headquarters and participates in hide-and-seek to win iFood Cards; Watch the video

Free Fire stars Nobru and Cerol fought a battle with a team of influencers at iFood headquarters.

The e-games team visited the facilities foodtech and took the opportunity to see initiatives from the sponsoring company

The iFood headquarters, in Osasco (SP), received a visit from members of Flow, an electronic sports (e-games) organization created by two of the biggest national stars in the segment, Nobru and Cerol. And you could say that the day had a taste of battle, as they like.

To take advantage of the sports theme, the experts were put into a dynamic that consisted of searching for iFood Cards – the iFood gift card that allows you to give gifts or redeem the balance to order what you want on the app – around the space. O game it was organized into two teams: on one side, Nobru and Cerol; on the other, Rajah, Gorilla, Nine, Lara, Livia, Syaz, Cruel, Whiskey, Daring and Fac, all members of the Fluxo troop. 

The iFood Cards were hidden at the brand's headquarters, but of course an extra pinch of difficulty was added to challenge the experts, who needed to find the cards without being seen, or they would be eliminated.

In addition to the game, the Fluxo troop visited all areas of the iFood headquarters in Osasco (SP). There was time to see the court, check out the Electric motorcycle, visit our vegetable garden organic restaurant that is at the top of the building and even order a snack to satisfy your hunger during your visit, of course!

iFood, Fluxo and eSports

In April 2022, iFood announced its first sponsorship in the eSports universe. In addition to having the brand associated with the teams (orgs) beginners and main Fluxo, the action also supported the social project to encourage new talents in games on the periphery.

iFood's relationship with games comes from 2021, with three notable actions. The first was the creation of your metaverse, where players could be couriers on Cidade Alta, the main GTA V server in Latin America. Afterwards, the foodtech joined forces with Ambev and Nubank to be present at the Good Game WP eSports championship. And closed the year creating a pop-up restaurant to celebrate the launch of “Arcane”, the League of Legends animated series.

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