iFood expands technology training program with 5 thousand vacancies for people who want to start in the area

The objective is to train and prepare beginners in the tech market with a focus
in underrepresented and low-income groups

Bootcamp has 86 hours of basic knowledge about the Java programming language, to enhance learning in a simple, quick way and with connection to the job market

São Paulo, October 2022 – iFood continually invests in training and employability in technology through various initiatives within the education pillar. The partnership with the Digital Innovation One (DIO) ecosystem – a tech career transformation platform – reinforces this: there are 5 thousand places available at Potência Tech for the Java Beginners course. 

Training takes place in a boot camp, an English term for an intensive, 86-hour course on basic knowledge of the Java programming language. The trail, completely free and with certification at the end, has several courses, code challenges and practical projects. Registration is now open and runs until October 23rd, with a deadline for graduation on November 27th. Therefore, the sooner a person signs up, the better, as they will have a longer period of time to complete their study journey. 

The objective is to train and prepare people, without prior knowledge, to begin a journey in the tech market. Anyone interested, as long as they are over 18 years old, can participate, but the main focus is to reach under-represented and low-income groups. “Brazil has a growing demand for technology professionals, but only with investment in education will we be able to bring these opportunities to more people. The objective is to increase the supply of qualified professionals, as well as boost plurality in the tech universe. This is an efficient way to promote social inclusion and development”, says Luanna Luna, education manager at iFood.

In addition to training, the partnership between iFood and DIO also includes strengthening professional careers, with the 'Minha Carreira Tech' program, an event at the end of the course, which will provide the opportunity to meet partner companies and become available on the talent platform from DIO, Talent Match. “Our mission is to democratize access to technology education and impact millions of people in the coming years. We believe that, through strong partnerships with the most innovative companies in Brazil and the world, we will be able to generate this genuine impact on society”, highlights Iglá Generoso, CEO of DIO.

1 year of Power Tech

Launched in October 2021, the iFood platform, which has free courses that introduce and awaken people to the world of technology, scholarships for training in the area and a track focused on employability, already has more than 30 thousand subscribers, with more than 12 thousand free bags made available to iFood couriers and underrepresented groups in civil society, such as women and black people. and more than 800 people employed in the area, 67 of which at iFood itself.

The training provided during this first year of the initiative included programming with a focus on full stack web, back-end, front-end and data in different languages.

This year, Potência Tech began to be covered by Movimento Tech, a coalition of more than 20 companies, which aims to invest socially in education to awaken interest in a career in technology, training and employment. The group thus intends to minimize the technological blackout and help in the construction of a prosperous Brazil and a protagonist in technology.

Java Beginners Bootcamp

Registration via Potência Tech on link

Registration period: until 10/23

Deadline for graduation: 11/27

About iFood

iFood is a Brazilian technology company that is a reference in online delivery in Latin America, which brings customers, restaurants and delivery people together in a simple and practical way. iFood aims to feed the future of Brazil and the world, transforming society through education and technology, food security, inclusion and with a positive socio-environmental impact.

With more than 70 million monthly orders, iFood works with business intelligence and management solutions to promote and develop an ecosystem of more than 300,000 registered establishments, 200,000 connected delivery people in more than 1,700 cities across Brazil. Having been in the market for 11 years, the company goes beyond food delivery and is also growing in Market, Fintech and Benefits businesses, combining technology and convenience in delivering solutions to partners. iFood has an important Brazilian investor, Movile – global leader in mobile marketplaces. 

For more information about iFood, its news and our hunger to feed the world, visit iFood News.

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