iFood announces training to combat misinformation for all employees 

Instituto Vero was the partner chosen by the company to develop the project 

On May 25th, more than five thousand iFood employees will attend the lecture “Overview of Disinformation and Digital Communication” by Caio Machado, co-founder and executive director of Instituto Vero. The action is part of the measures adopted by the company to prepare its employees for the conscious use of social networks, an increasingly urgent topic on the current business communication agenda. 

In addition to the lecture, Instituto Vero will be responsible for developing online training that will integrate the professional development content track offered by the company for employees and suppliers. “We are hiring and bringing the Vero Institute to this work. We want to train our internal audience and also our partners to offer transparency and level information, ensuring alignment on concepts and responsibilities. As Vero's expertise is recognized worldwide, with high credibility and relevance, we go further. Our proposal is to do something bigger in the long term, we want to create a debate group and work by involving civil society to discuss the subject and bring other companies, institutions and thinkers to this debate, which is fundamental for society”, says Diego Barreto , Vice President of Strategy and Finance at IFood. 

About iFood

iFood, a reference in online food delivery in Latin America, has 60 million monthly orders. Having been on the market for ten years, the Brazilian company is also present in Colombia. It works together with partners with initiatives that bring together business intelligence and management solutions for the approximately 270 thousand restaurants registered in more than a thousand cities throughout Brazil. iFood has important investors, such as Movile, a global leader in mobile marketplaces, and Just Eat, one of the largest online ordering companies in the world. iFood News was recently launched, an iFood news portal that promotes current topics such as the New Economy and content about business curiosities, partners' success stories in addition to addressing trends and innovation in the segment.

About the Vero Institute

The Vero Institute is made up of researchers and digital communicators committed to protecting democracy, fostering online discourse and building solutions to combat disinformation. The institute was founded by internet natives and its mission is to establish a healthy and sustainable connected public sphere for individual and collective development. It does this by producing courses, research, content and analysis that inspire social change through digital technologies.

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