iFood trains delivery drivers in traffic safety and first aid in partnership with the City of Campinas

Anjos do Capacete Program has already trained more than 500 delivery drivers throughout Brazil

Campinas edition joins foodtech's Yellow May actions, which will also feature other initiatives and events across the country

Credit: Emdec

Campinas, May 2022 – In a partnership with Campinas City Hall and SAMU, iFood brings the Anjos de Capacete program as part of the Yellow May actions for the city, a month dedicated to raising awareness about the need for safer traffic. The pioneering project trains and qualifies delivery drivers who work on the platform to create professionals who are more aware of traffic safety.

The initiative will train volunteer delivery drivers in first aid, road safety and what to do in the event of an accident, whether directly involved or not, during face-to-face classes and lectures. In Campinas, the classes will have 15 vacancies for volunteer delivery drivers, on the 17th and 19th of May, at the headquarters of the Municipal Development Company of Campinas (Emdec) – an entity supporting the action together with SAMU. At the end of the course, delivery drivers will also receive a personalized helmet that identifies them on the streets as “Angel in a Helmet”, in addition to basic first aid equipment, a jacket, some safety kits and a training certificate.

“We want delivery partners to have safe conditions to work and to be increasingly valued. We are working to offer knowledge to these professionals who are qualifying not only to be better professionals, but also to become agents capable of changing to improve traffic conditions in cities”, says João Sabino, from iFood.

Helmet Angels

The Anjos do Capacete program is in its 8th edition and has already trained more than 500 iFood delivery partners in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Recife, Londrina, João Pessoa, Maceió and Rio de Janeiro. In addition to the action in Campinas, during Yellow May, iFood will also take Anjos de Capacete to Salvador and, throughout the year, different awareness actions on safe driving will be carried out, in addition to the initiatives that iFood promotes to ensure the physical well-being of the delivery person.

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