iFood is the first Brazilian brand on the OnlyFans platform

iFood became the first Brazilian brand to join Only Fans, an online platform that brings together content producers and fans in one place. Know more!

Boldness and creativity are not lacking for the iFood, which has just become the first Brazilian brand to enter the OnlyFans, an online platform that brings together content producers and fans in one place. The new page promises culinary orgies, food pornography, gastronomic orgasms and exclusive promotions. The initiative is part of the brand marketing strategy, focused on digital formats.

“iFood is the platform that best connects people with what feeds them. That’s why we are present on the new platforms that consumers are joining, but always maintaining the brand’s wit and characteristics.” highlights Felipe Pereira, Marketing Director at iFood. To achieve this, the brand has been directing its attention to new digital formats.

Access to iFood Brasil’s “hot” content on OnlyFans is free. Fans simply need to access the page and enjoy foodporn-style photos and videos, as well as exclusive promotions on special dates – for example, to celebrate Sex Day, on September 6th.

How OnlyFans works

On OnlyFans, as on other social networks, the user creates a profile, accesses the “feed” with content from the creators they decide to follow (and subscribe to) and interacts with others through likes on posts and user lists.

Content creators can have a free or paid account. The latter requires the fan to subscribe to, only then, have access to the content and be able to interact with the profile.

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