iFood and Tinder transform the expression 'getting stood up' on Singles Day

The companies came together to launch Confeitaria do Tinder, a temporary restaurant that will be available from August 15th to 19th. Customers will be able to purchase the limited edition of Bentô Cakes through the iFood app in 13 cities in Brazil

São Paulo, August 2022 – In the week that singles day is celebrated, on August 15th, iFood and Tinder teamed up to prove that being single and being in the game is as incredible as dating. To celebrate the date, together the companies are launching Confeitaria do Tinder today, a temporary restaurant, available from August 15th to 19th on the iFood platform for purchasing Bentô Cakes cakes, with fun phrases to celebrate singles from all over Brazil at play with the meaning of the expression “getting stood up”. All Bentô Cakes will come with a special gift that will help singles find their match: a free one-month Tinder Gold voucher.

The action is part of iFood Original Kitchens, the temporary restaurant activation hub that promotes exclusive experiences for customers. “iFood has innovation and passion for food in its DNA. Original kitchens combine the best of our universe with that of entertainment through partnerships with other iconic brands. The result is a lot of conversation on social media, spikes in traffic on the app and an even more emotional relationship between customers and the platform”, comments Amanda Ferreira, Brand Innovation Manager at iFood.

“While no one likes being caked, iFood and Tinder have created a special series of cakes that people will want to take home this Singles Day. This partnership will not only allow participants to enjoy this delicious Bentô Cakes trend, but will also give them the chance to try the Tinder Gold and unlock features that will only improve your journey to find a match”, comments Luiza Boller, Manager of Business Development & Partnerships at Tinder. 

Customers can purchase a Bentô Cake (300 g) for R$9.99 and can choose between two flavors of cake, nest or brigadeiro. Furthermore, cakes can be personalized with phrases such as: 'Just like the cake I like', 'This is the cake I want', 'From: me, To: me' and 'Send the cake now?'. 

To create and deliver these special edition cakes, iFood also teamed up with Sodiê, the largest chain specializing in cakes in the country, with stores throughout Brazil. Customers can find the nearest unit through the iFood app, just search for “Confeitaria do Tinder”. In total there will be 54 participating stores in 13 cities: São Paulo (SP), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Curitiba (PR), Maceió (AL), Manaus (AM), Salvador (BA), Fortaleza (CE), Belém ( PA), Recife (PE), Belo Horizonte (MG), Betim (MG), Contagem (MG) and Natal (RN). 

iFood Original Kitchens

iFood Original Kitchens are part of the company's brand strategy, consisting of a hub of temporary restaurant activations with the aim of providing exclusive experiences to its customers. Since 2019, the company has worked to elevate the eating experience of Brazilians, when it allowed its customers to order Bolos da Paz (cakes shown in the soap operas and A Dona do Pedaço), for example. 

In 2021, iFood teamed up with Netflix to provide fans of the Sex Education series with an unprecedented experience where they could order the famous cupcakes sold by the main character. Later that year, the company approached the gaming public and opened the well-known Avalanches snack bar, from the game Cidade Alta. In it, players could be iFood delivery people and make deliveries by electric motorcycle, bike or car, while consumers outside the game could order Avalanches combos at their homes, through the iFood app, experiencing a journey into the metaverse.

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