iFood and XP team up to raise R$ 100 million by 2025

Companies are supporters of the Movimento Tech initiative, which already has more than 20 partners, including companies and institutes

With the aim of dealing with the labor shortage in the technology sector, which according to Brasscom is expected to reach 530 thousand people by 2025, iFood and XP joined together as supporters of the Tech Movement, an initiative that already has more of 20 partners, including companies and institutions. The aim is to raise R$ 100 million over the next three years and direct the resources towards social investment in education and technology.

“In the last year, we saw many companies investing in education, but with actions still very fragmented. Thus, we realize the importance of joining forces to help solve this deficit that the country is experiencing in terms of professional qualifications in this area and which hinders Brazil's development. Even expanding isolated efforts would not solve the problem. With this union, we hope to promote the meeting between talents who are just waiting for an opportunity, at the same time that we contribute to social transformation and the development of the country”, comments Fabrício Bloisi, President of iFood.

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