iFood invests in education and offers 300 scholarships for technology courses

The initiative is part of the Potência Tech program, and is aimed at training low-income people and underrepresented groups to contribute to training and inclusion in the job market.

It is not necessary to have any prior knowledge to participate, and registration for the Programming course is open until March 11th

São Paulo, March 2022 – iFood is offering 300 full scholarships for technology courses aimed at low-income people and underrepresented groups, in partnership with Rocketseat, a programming learning platform. The initiative is part of Potência Tech, an iFood training and employability program in partnership with technology partner schools across Brazil. Registration is available until Friday, March 11th.

For Luanna Luna, education manager at iFood, education is the key to social transformation and the country's progress. “The objective of Potência Tech is to connect dreams, technology and opportunities. We want to make Brazil a technological powerhouse, and for us the real powerhouse is its people.”

Rocketseat is a Lifelong Learning (Continuing Education) platform in programming. On a single platform, students can learn programming from scratch, solidify their knowledge, specialize in different technologies and also be part of the largest community of developers in the country. All teaching content, more than 600 classes, is available on the online platform throughout Brazil.

To register, simply be over 18 years old and be part of underrepresented groups that will be prioritized in the selection of scholarship recipients. It is not necessary to have any prior knowledge to participate.

300 programming course scholarships
Term: until Friday, March 11th.
Requirements: be over 18 years old, belong to an underrepresented group and reside in Brazil
Link: https://potenciatech.com.br/
Validity: 1 year

About Potência Tech

In October 2021, iFood launched Potência Tech, a training platform that helps people learn about the world of technology; and employability in the area, aimed free at low-income people and those with underrepresented profiles – such as women and black people. In total, 19 thousand participants have already been registered. In the last few months alone, iFood offered almost 3,000 places in varied courses in back-end, front-end, full-stack and data. As next steps, iFood intends to expand other companies' access to this platform to increase the number of graduates and employees.

About iFood

iFood, a reference in online food delivery in Latin America, has 60 million monthly orders. Having been on the market for ten years, the Brazilian company is also present in Colombia. It works together with partners with initiatives that bring together business intelligence and management solutions for the approximately 270 thousand restaurants registered in more than a thousand cities throughout Brazil. iFood has important investors, such as Movile, a global leader in mobile marketplaces, and Just Eat, one of the largest online ordering companies in the world. iFood News was recently launched, an iFood news portal that promotes current topics such as the New Economy and content about business curiosities, partners' success stories in addition to addressing trends and innovation in the segment.


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