iFood launches free course to train technology facilitators

In partnership with edtech Resilia, the School of Facilitation develops technology and soft skills to fill the lack of facilitators in this market; Registration can be made until April 29th

The lack of qualified professionals in the technology market is also reflected in the teaching area. Thinking about reducing this problem, iFood, in partnership with edtech Resilia, launches a class that will train 50 technology facilitators throughout Brazil. Registration can be made until April 29th. The technological blackout, as the lack of professionals in this sector in Brazil has been called, already leaves more than 100 thousand job vacancies open, with no prospect of being filled, according to a study by Brasscom (Association of Information and Communication Technology Companies and Digital) released in December 2021. At this rate, the country could reach 2025 with an accumulated deficit of 797 thousand professionals.

“We want to train and employ 25 thousand people in technology by 2025. We believe this is a path to promoting social inclusion. But to do this, we need to take a step back and create mechanisms to train facilitators. The blackout is such that today there is a lack of people teaching technology to serve the market. This is how we will continue to offer opportunities in tech for underrepresented and low-income profiles”, says Luanna Luna, education manager at iFood

The course requires prior experience in the tech job market, with knowledge and experience in topics such as data analysis, HTML, CSS, Python, Node JS or React. People from all over the country interested in transforming the education of young people and adults for the technology job market can participate. The School's complete day, which has two phases, has 60 hours of classes and eight online meetings in which those enrolled can choose between training for facilitating hard skills, more focused on teaching technology itself, and another for soft skills, focusing on socio-emotional and behavioral skills. 

The first phase of the Facilitators School will be available to everyone who fills out the registration form, with exclusive videos on adult learning and how to direct facilitation experiences towards learning results, and the right to a certificate of completion. The content will be available on the platform between May 2nd and 20th, so students can watch it at their own pace. In addition to the video classes, students will have two scheduled meetings with monitors to answer questions and exchange experiences. (limited places).

“Training qualified people to promote learning in technology is a market challenge. At Resilia, we believe that more than training professionals, we generate impact by training and training people who will boost the careers of more and more young people across Brazil. Therefore, we created the School of Facilitation, where we bring our methodology to train learning and career facilitators.” Nina Costa, Head of Learning at Resilia

The 50 students who stand out will also participate in a second phase, which will take place between May 23rd and June 10th. During this period, an asynchronous track and meetings – live and online – will promote deepening in the Resilia methodology, in preparation for being able to lead a classroom. In addition to the certificate at the end of each phase, new facilitators will have the possibility of being hired by Resilia to train young people looking for their first job or undergoing a career transition.

The initiative is part of the Tech Power, a technology career platform, created by iFood in partnership with several schools in the area, aimed at people with underrepresented and low-income profiles. Potência Tech has already offered more than 4 thousand scholarships and has 27 thousand registered on the platform, with free courses ranging from introductory courses, training in the area, and even a part focused on employability. Of those trained, there are already more than 370 employees. The platform also has a community, to serve as a meeting point between beginners and people experienced in technology careers, to exchange information about the possibilities within this universe.

Registration can be done via the School of Facilitation made available by iFood and Resilia. After filling out the form, an email will be sent to provide details of the information.

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