iFood promotes event aimed at restaurants in Aracaju

The meeting will be held this Thursday, in partnership with Abrasel SE, and aims to present the available tools and improvement actions on the platform made for partner restaurants

Aracaju, February 2023 – iFood, a Brazilian technology company that is a reference in online delivery, in partnership with Abrasel Sergipe, promotes, this Thursday, February 9th, the first iFood Day. The company chose Aracaju to host the first 2023 edition of the event, which will take place in different regions of the country in partnerships with local associations, aimed at associated restaurants and with the aim of bringing local establishments closer, presenting the actions carried out by iFood to partner establishments that improve their sales and experience with the platform, as well as opening up space for regional listening. The meeting will be held from 2:30 pm, at the Hotel Sesc Atalaia, and should feature around 50 establishments in the region.

“We are very happy to meet with this group of restaurant owners to show how iFood has worked to be a business partner with differences that contribute to the success of partners in the digital and physical environment. Over the last few years we have made important investments and improvements in both technology and the tools we offer to increasingly improve the restaurant experience on our platform”, says Arnaldo Bertolaccini, vice president of restaurants at iFood. “The northeast region has an important role and great representation in the iFood strategy. This is the first iFood Day that we will hold this year. Throughout 2023, we will take the event to other regions of the country together with different associations that represent bars and restaurants.”

During the event, executives will show the improvement processes that iFood has invested in in recent years. The company goes beyond offering intermediation services, by connecting restaurants and customers, to offer solutions and tools to establishments so that they thrive on the platform, generating more sales and earnings.

“Abrasel is an association viewed with great respect, so the partnership between iFood and Abrasel Sergipe strengthens the contact between restaurants and iFood itself. This way, establishments can see the delivery app as a good strategic partner”, comments Fernando Martins, Director of Abrasel Sergipe. “Furthermore, iFood Day helps to strengthen relationships. Nowadays, everything is very automated, it is important to know and bring the human side of iFood closer”, he adds.

Improvement actions 

In 2022, iFood made several strategic moves to provide improvements across its entire ecosystem, made up of delivery people, establishments and customers. On the restaurant front, the main investment made was based on three pillars: continuous improvement agenda, dialogue and transparency. The actions developed throughout 2022 aim to improve the experience of the more than 300 thousand partner establishments currently registered on the platform.  

In December, the company held the 8th and final meeting of the year of the 1st Restaurant Forum, one of the main projects on the restaurant front in 2022, which brings together a working group formed with 20 partner entrepreneurs and iFood managers, whose objective is discuss vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement in the ecosystem, with a focus on restaurants. 

“It was very important for iFood to get closer to partner restaurants and promote improvements that directly impact their relationship with the platform. Our goal as a company is to be much better tomorrow than we are today for restaurants. One of the main actions that led to the various projects we carried out this year was the Restaurant Forum. Together with the group, we managed to make significant progress on agendas such as cancellation, which is one of the biggest challenges we currently have”, says Arnaldo Bertolaccini, vice-president of Restaurants at iFood. 

Among the main improvements already implemented is the New Cancellation Policy, fairer for everyone involved and mainly allowing consumers and restaurants to increase opportunities for interaction and reach a consensus. Furthermore, the company made the Delivery Confirmation Code available to partners with their own logistics, reducing on average 75% of cancellations for the restaurants that are using it. 

Another important feature was the new direct chat with restaurants, available in the order manager to help resolve operational problems and create intelligent campaigns, where the system itself directs to the restaurant where investment in promotions should be allocated to generate more sales within the platform.

In addition to the advances, the platform also accelerated other initiatives that contributed to partners' performance, such as: the new Super Restaurants program, relaunched with clearer and more transparent rules; Entrega Fácil, a service that helps establishments deliver orders received through other sales channels, such as telephone, social networks and other delivery applications; and the digital menu, which replaces the old printed menus, promoting benefits such as a dynamic customer experience and improved sales and business operations. 

On the education front for partners, iFood Decola, a free platform that aims to develop technical and human skills for all partners (delivery drivers, restaurants and markets), registered 27 thousand registered restaurants and 29 thousand certificates issued in the year. 13 online training events were also made available, with varied themes (menu, pricing, promotions, people management, how to set up combos, among others), impacting 45 thousand people. In October, the partnership with SEBRAE opened more than 40 courses in financial management, digital marketing, formalization, restaurant and people management tracks.  

In 2023, one of iFood's main bets will be to continue focusing on continuous improvement strategies for partners' businesses. One of the most important points will be promotional empowerment for restaurants. The objective is for them to be able to create and develop promotions that best match their profiles: revenue growth or profitability.

About iFood

iFood is a Brazilian technology company that is a reference in online delivery, which brings customers, restaurants and delivery people together in a simple and practical way. And to provide a complete experience for each of them, delivery goes beyond delivery. iFood aims to feed the future of Brazil and the world, transforming society through education and technology, food security, inclusion and with a positive socio-environmental impact.

With more than 65 million monthly orders, iFood works with business intelligence and management solutions to promote and develop an ecosystem of more than 300 thousand registered establishments, 200 thousand connected delivery people in more than 1700 cities across Brazil. Having been in the market for 11 years, it also operates on business fronts complementary to its chain, such as market, fintech and benefits, combining technology and convenience in delivering solutions to partners. iFood has an important investor, Movile, a long-term investor in technology companies in Latin America and which aims to be the largest 'thesis maker' in the region. Through the company's news portal, iFood News, the main current topics and the New Economy are disseminated, as well as content on business, cases and trends on innovations in the country and the world.

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