iFood promotes unique experiences at The Town and unites 2 Brazilian passions: music and food

The Brazilian company, which is also a co-sponsor of The One stage, will have a themed restaurant in partnership with artists, ticket promotions on the platform, among other major activations for the festival in September

São Paulo, July 2023 – In the month of September, iFood takes its brand and all its Brazilianness to the most anticipated music, culture and art event in São Paulo, The Town, a festival that brings together renowned artists for more than 235 hours of music in one area of 360 thousand m² and estimated audience of 500 thousand people.

“As a Brazilian company that values culture and serves customers across the country with more than 70 million monthly orders, it is natural to relate our brand to events that promote Brazilian multiculturalism and for this reason we are sponsoring the The Town and signing the co-sponsorship of the stage The One, which brings together several names in national music such as Ney Matogrosso, Racionais MCs and Gloria Groove among many others”, explains Ana Gabriela Lopes, Marketing Director at iFood. 

“The first edition of The Town will be historic. We are building a real city at the Interlagos Racetrack, which will receive 500,000 people over the five days of the festival. Big names in international and national music will pass through our stages, with stunning performances. Participating in this great party with us are partner brands who believe in and know about Rock World's delivery capacity to hold the biggest festivals and events in Brazil and the world. We are very happy to have iFood by our side in this very special edition. Together, The Town and iFood will create magical memories and unforgettable experiences for festival fans”, says Luis Justo, CEO of Rock World.

Zé Ricardo, artistic vice-president of Rock World, highlights the grandeur of The One stage. “The One will be a stage that opens powerful conversations every day of the festival, with a concept that brings music beyond music. The venue will host original shows that will be prepared especially for The Town. We built a historic line-up, in which each artist will create a deep connection with the audience, with people seeing themselves in each of the attractions that take the stage”, comments Zé Ricardo.

During The Town, iFood will promote the meeting of two great national passions: food and music. “We will have a restaurant in partnership with Brazilian artists that will give the public unique experiences in terms of festival food”, promises Ana Gabriela. “We are very excited about the debut of The Town. The activations we are preparing for the festival aim to generate new connections and enhance the audience's experience. The idea is to elevate the fans’ experience in terms of gastronomy and entertainment”, he highlights. 

The red iFood bag, an icon already very present on the streets of the city of São Paulo, will be the company's main creative element to guarantee the structure of the brand's two stands at the festival, which will be close to the Skyline and The One stages.

Hunger for The Town

As a kick-off in sponsoring the event, the brand will hold – in an unprecedented way in its history – a ticket draw for customers on the platform itself. Starting this Monday, July 10th, new or existing subscribers to iFood Club will be able to compete for pairs of invitations to The Town, in addition to plus a thousand reais in allowance per pair through lucky numbers. There will be 500 pairs drawn in total. The promotion runs until August 2nd and the draws take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, during the promotion period. 

iFood hunger

In addition to sponsorship, the company will set up an exclusive restaurant in its 150 m² stand close to the stage The One. The theme restaurant will be set up in partnership with great Brazilian artists to make history in the first edition of the festival and generate connection with fans.

For those who are at the festival, but not around the Skyline and The One stages, iFood will have 150 ambulanches – official street vendors of the brand – spread across Music City that will sell drinks and snacks, providing anytime, anywhere convenience. 

The idea of activations is to enhance the festival experience, even for those who are not at the event, generating memorability and giving the public great moments with the brand.

Brazilianity and multiculturalism

This is not the first time that iFood has joined forces with events to promote national culture. In the last year, the company has been involved with Rock in Rio, Brazilian fan events, the Carnivals in São Paulo, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian Music Awards and, more recently, the main events in São João in the country, in addition to the promotion of a large festival, which takes place in the month of July in the capital of São Paulo. “All of this reinforces our commitment to Brazil, to strengthening our roots through cultural diversity”, concludes Ana Gabriela. 

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