Note of Clarification June 19

On Friday morning, June 19th, the iFood platform experienced an update problem lasting around 30 minutes. The incident was quickly resolved by its technology team. The company claims that there was no type of cyber attack on the platform.

During this brief period, the system displayed users' personal data randomly. The company reinforces that, even so, it was not possible for customers to place orders through other people or access third-party accounts.

The company clarifies that payment methods are only saved on users' own devices, and are not stored in the platform's databases. This way, the data relating to these cards was not leaked.

As a precaution, the platform logged out impacted users, who were unable to place orders during this period. The situation has now returned to normal and impacted users are being notified of what happened.

iFood is available to authorities for any additional clarifications and reinforces its commitment to the security of restaurant and consumer information.

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