The Future is Ready-Made Food Cooking will be a Hobby


YOU MUST ALREADY have noticed that motorcyclists and cyclists who also deliver food during lunch and dinner times in Brazilian cities are increasingly numerous. Mainly those who carry a red chest with the symbol of the iFood, a company that leads the meal delivery service in the country. In the capitals, it is rare to find someone who has ordered a sandwich, a pizza or even a fine meal from a starred restaurant on iFood. “We are connected to 300,000 restaurants and provide work for tens of thousands of delivery people”, boasts the company’s CEO, Fabricio Bloisi.
The army of delivery men
iFood is already approaching 20000. according to the CEO, who cites the high level of satisfaction of his employees, revealed by a survey, to defend himself from criticism of the working conditions provided by the company. In the following interview, Fabricio Bloisi preaches the need to update labor laws to enable more benefits and talks about the contribution of unicorns to the country's advancement in issues such as education, sustainability and social inclusion.


BUSINESS SEASONs O iFood completed dee unos in 2021. How do you see the evolution in the technology and inovation in Brazil during this period?
FABRICIO BLOISI The largest companies in the states were banks and oil companies until 20 years ago, when they were overtaken by technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple and Facebook. The same thing happened in China. In Brazil, this change occurred a year and a half ago. with fintechs like Nubank, XP and Stone growing a lot, as well as retail companies like Magalu and Mercado Livre. This is very good for the country, because these companies are all innovative and understand the importance of investing in inclusion and sustainability. O
iFood, which is a global leader in the food delivery segment, is also on this list. Fu, I believe that the countries that will succeed in the next * or 20 years are those that are investing

in artificial intelligence, biotechnology. robotics, sustainable energy sources.

BUSINESS What to expect from new technologies in the coming years? 

BLOISI They will continue to change the world, at an increasingly faster pace. There are people who complain that changes are already happening too quickly. It's not wrong to think that way, but it's naive. Companies and countries that manage to navigate the transformations will create and will distribute wealth. Fortunately, creating a technology company in Brazil is no longer an exception in recent years. We already have several innovative companies worth more than US$ 1 billion, and the tendency is for them to become worth US$ 10 billion or US$ 100 billion in the coming years.

BUSINESS How the iFood Do you intend to continue innovating using these new resources? 

BLOISI I think we're just getting started. People who were afraid to shop via cell phone a few years ago now place three orders a month, on average, for ready-to-eat food. In 20 years, cooking at home will be a hobby, fun with the family, because ordering ready-made meals will not be normal. If today I already use artificial intelligence to help people choose what they want to eat, based on their preferences, imagine what it will be like in the future. The technology already gives me access to consumer data and allows me to distribute delivery people according to their customer history. demand in each region. This means the consumer receives the food faster and the company makes more deliveries.

BUSINESS How many deliveries do you make per month? 

BLOISI About 60 million. The entire market, which only made 5 million a few years ago, has the potential to make 500 million deliveries per month, I have no doubt about that. And go

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