iFood invests in a health program for its employees and closes a partnership with Vik

The objective of the action is to encourage physical activity among employees in an innovative way, promoting health within companies and extracting the maximum potential of employees.

The iFood health program was created with the intention of promoting the practice of sporting activities by our delivery partners. 

In partnership with the startup VIK, the platform developed a series of actions for our employees. 

Check out some actions of the iFood health program:  

What is the iFood health program for delivery people?

The iFood health program is the result of a partnership between the company and VIK. 

Thus, the entire methodology was designed to transform people's lives, combining gamification in companies with high-performance sports techniques, with a key agent: the social factor of the corporation. 

“Through technology, we create an environment that has global scope to encourage people to change their behavior”, comments Pedro Reis, founding partner of VIK.

The startup was born with the aim of promoting health within companies. Therefore, they decided to adapt their platform during the pandemic. The objective is to encourage companies to understand the importance of valuing the well-being of their employees. 

“VIK em Casa aroused interest in companies like iFood, with the aim of taking care of the health of employees and integrating and engaging people. VIK was already prepared for the pandemic even before it started, as it is a completely digital platform”, adds Pedro.

How did the iFood health program for delivery people come about?

The iFood health program emerged in partnership with VIK in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, when stress and anxiety took part in many people's lives.

Study carried out by the State University of Rio de Janeiro (Uerj) and published by The Lancet. It showed that cases of anxiety and stress doubled and depression increased in 90%. 

In this scenario, many companies began to worry about the well-being of their employees. Therefore, one of the ways to help people not enter into a frequency of negative feelings and thoughts during this difficult time is to encourage physical activity.

What are the benefits of the iFood health program for delivery people?

The iFood health program promotes an experience through gamification. In this way, it brings more than enthusiasm and improved health to employees, but provides happiness, more integration and engagement of people with the company. 

This way, it is possible to measure the impact of programs among employees. This way, some are in a better mood, feeling more valued and start working in a lighter way.

“Caring for our employees is a priority at iFood. In recent months, we have developed a series of initiatives focused on well-being and mental health. They offer psychological support and weekly online activities to generate self-knowledge, balance and exchange of experiences. Even encouraging physical activities through partnerships with platforms. That’s when we saw this opportunity at VIK”, adds André Borges, facilities manager at IFood.

How was the VIK health program carried out on iFood?

The company, which has already had a partnership with VIK for more than 6 months, had a very significant number of participants, with around 730 participants in the program. 

“Through the app, employees were able to count on the help of videos from experts, who will provide guidance on exercises performed at home. In addition, we provide videos from nutritionists to help them with healthy eating,” says André.

Tomás Camargos, also a founding partner of VIK, explains that the company also customizes the platform for each partner. This is done based on a communication plan, disseminated to employees. 

“During registration, employees take part in the competition in which they access the VIK platform and fill out the Health Score – an index developed by the startup that measures people’s health in a graphic and fun way. From then on, everyone downloads an application on their cell phone that makes it possible to measure physical activity and, at that time, start”, he says.

Engagement action via iFood Challenge

To further encourage employees to join the iFood health program, the company promoted an engagement action via Workplace. 

This action featured the special participation of Hortência Marcari, Queen of Basketball, and Nalbert Bitencourt, former volleyball athlete and Globo commentator, inviting Foodlovers to participate in the iFood Challenge.

Each physical activity performed and recorded by employees during the program is converted into donation amounts for the project Winning Together, in which Hortência is one of the ambassadors. 

“In total, we have already made 6,200 points supporting the project, which resulted in a value of R$ 13,000.00 for them. In the coming months, we will support other projects closer to the community”, explains the basketball queen.

In addition, it helps institutions through the partnership with VIK, iFood also rewarded the employee teams that managed to achieve the highest number of points. 

“For all the groups that scored, we were presented with a medal and the winning group received the iFood trophy. For the next Challenge that starts in December, we will have prizes for the members of the winning teams, a voucher of R$ 500 reais in specialized stores for the first placed, R$ 300 for second and R$ 200 for third”, concludes the iFood manager.

About VIK

Created by partners Pedro Reis and Tomás Camargos in 2016, the VIK is a startup that was created to help companies value the health of their employees, implementing a program that transforms the lives of people and corporations, combining gamification with high-performance sports techniques, in addition to the company's social factor. The experience through gamification brings enthusiasm and quality of life to employees. in addition to providing happiness, integration and engagement for the company's people.

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